Mold Solutions

Mold Remediation


Bio-Safe shared goal is to make the residence properties safe from toxic mold spores (i.e. Aspergillus) and to preserve the value of the asset/ investment. Bio-Safe focuses its management expertise on service in residence’s properties, making them safer, and keeping insurance claims cost to a minimum. Bio-Safe’s TM-100 technology process eliminates the need for demolition of material, extended downtime and costly liability. We certify the home is cleaned from hazardous toxic mold. Bio-Safe will identify within residence’s properties toxic mold spores and if identified (Aspergillus spp) will remediate and make the residence’s properties safer. Our primary goal is customer satisfaction with our company’s remediation work, site work, and our scientific remediation program.


Phase I: Discovery – Detection: Find the mold The first step, as part of our specialized on-site service, includes environmental sampling and a visual inspection. Trained experts perform a “building physical” which includes our comprehensive on site biological collection protocol. Our complete sampling method is used to locate and identify the presence of toxic molds, fungi, and pathogenic bacteria.


Phase II: Pre-Testing: Is it toxic? Data from test cultures are analyzed for viability and certified by an independent lab. Either a workplace biological risk has been found in one or more work areas or work zones, or the facility is declared free from contamination. If a risk is identified, a treatment and maintenance plan is discussed with the client.


PHASE III: Treatment: Apply the TM-100: Our Technology is applied utilizing our proprietary atomization technology by trained, professional technicians. All Work is performed during off hours, evenings, and weekends unless otherwise directed by our client. Our TM-100 Technology is surface applied or injected behind walls and into air vents to treat hidden levels of toxic molds and bacteria.


PHASE IV: Post-Testing: Is it gone? How do I know? After a job has been completed, usually within 24 to 72 hours, our company re-tests treated surface areas in the environment where the risks were identified and remediation was performed. Data analysis from the culture surveys is made available to the client on a confidential basis. At that point we provide a scientific-based before and after evaluation of our work to demonstrate and to provide assurance that the workplace is safe.


PHASE V: Prevention: How can I stop mold from returning? Following our remediation program Bio-Science offers prevention and maintenance plans tailored to our client’s specific needs to prevent further outbreaks of contamination.