Chinese Drywall Remediation


National Bio-Safe is the leader in environmental Chinese drywall testing and inspection. Strontium sulfide, a material that can emit corrosive gases in moist air, was found at trace levels in testing of Chinese-made drywall. It also corrodes copper pipes, blackens jewelry and silverware, and ruins air conditioners. Carbon disulfide, a gas which has been found also results in headaches, exhaustion, trouble sleeping and other things when a person breathes it in for low levels for long periods of time.


Testing Protocol


Bio-Safe technicians will visual inspect a full comprehensive testing if your home is affected with Chinese drywall.


Sample Laboratory Testing can be done.


An Associated Press review of shipping records found more than 540 million pounds of plasterboard was imported from China between 2004 and 2008 to meet U.S. demand during the national housing boom. Hundreds of people nationwide are now complaining the material emits fumes that make them sick. Estimates indicate the drywall may be in some 100,000 homes nationwide, including 35,000 of those in Florida.


National Bio-safe can remove and replace all drywall and organically treat and remove all sulfide toxins in your home. Our environmental protocol brings your home back to a healthy and safe level.


Remediation Protocol


CDR-300 Technology can be treated for removal of sulfide odor. This is an organic product that was used in waste treatment plants for dealing with sulfide and odors.